It is fun and nice to build things with your own hands. Not everyone has access to tools, particularly if you want to work with exotic materials such as carbon or titanium. Even woodworking tools can be expensive and having your own garage with a set of tools is expensive.

Why not settle for building something with your hands, but by using a computer? Computers are relatively cheap nowadays and most of them are powerful enough to be able to support you writing code and creating software. 

Software developers are responsible for all the software that we see and use daily and even the software that we don’t use.

Here are some fun things that you can create as a software developer. 

Hardware Useful to Your Daily Life

Imagine having a garage that you have to enter, but it is completely in the dark, and then you need to go to the light switch, which is on the other end of the garage. What if you left a tool that’s blocking your way, one that will hit you in the shin, causing damage and pain, both physical and emotional? Well, we need to find a better way to access that light switch. A remote switch would be great. Well, that remote switch has to run some code in order for you to access it. Why not write the code yourself and use some run-of-the-mill wireless switches you can purchase online?

This is just an example. There is a lot of hardware that you can build that can make your daily life easier, like an irrigation system, a system which turns your heating on and off automatically, or any other device that you use frequently.

Accurate Weather Information

Weather apps can be a pain to use, when most of them tend to not display the correct information when you want them to. Building your own app is relatively easy, because there are APIs that your app could interact with. Use the said API and build an app that will update frequently, so that you always know whether it is raining, snowing or if you need a jacket to stop the gusts of wind that might be blowing. It is a good project that requires networking knowledge, and will be a step in the right direction.

Classification Algorithm

Filtering is very hard, apparently, or so many sites will have us believe.

Practice creating filters by classifying something, like vehicles, or monitors, or anything other that has a high degree of customization. Build a database and various tags, so that you can classify and order things. This is a huge part of any database, anything from shopping sites to catalogs. It can be useful in many applications. 

Web Apps

Web apps are very useful because they can be run anywhere. Using Javascript and a framework, you can create various apps that can do anything from serving as a communication service to video games. They are also useful if you get into web design, because you would have a lovely tool in your arsenal. 

Software development can be very entertaining and with that, these are some really fun and useful things that you can build as a software developer. This is DIY but in a digital way.