Using an operating system is rather simple nowadays. You install it and then you get to it. Some systems have a learning curve, like Arch and Gentoo, but most operating systems are user friendly. 

They don’t get in your way and they actually try to help you do more by giving you more resources, or make it easier for you to actually use the resources that you have. Most people should consider using Linux because of the following facts and advantages.

It is Free and Open Source

The first reason to use Linux is that it is free and open source. Most people will eventually find the money to buy a Windows, but not a Mac. Buying a Mac means that you have to pay for the hardware that Apple sells at a ridiculous price, to get a system so closed that you can’t do anything interesting with it.

Linux comes at no price at all. You can download tons of distributions and find the one that suits your needs. It is also open source, the more important part of the story. Being open source, its code is visible to everyone, and anyone can modify and change the source code. When you can see the source code, you know what the system does, and what it doesn’t do. This is really important when we are talking about security and privacy.

Linux is Fast

Most modern systems are filled with bloatware, Windows being the first one that comes to mind. All the services that run in Windows slow it down so much that you don’t realize it until you switch to a system which just loads the kernel and the OS and you’re good to go. Startup times are faster and the system will not lag every now and then.

Linux is also great for older machines, as there are distributions which can run on as much as 80MB of memory. We are talking megabytes, not gigabytes which most modern distributions and Windows use. Fast and light, or modern and optimized, there are Linux distributions for everyone.


Linux has many distributions. Whether you want a simple experience such as Ubuntu, stable and with a huge community, or something that engages you a bit more, like Manjaro, or if you want to dive deeper, Arch Linux, there is a distro for everyone.

On another note, the choice may lead to choice paralysis, but that is why distributions like Ubuntu, Fedora, Mint and Manjaro exist, they make the choices easier by providing what most people want in a system, with different desktop environments (the way your desktop looks and is managed).

It’s Not Spying On You

Most people will say so what, everyone is spying on me?! Yes, but systems like Windows basically keylog all that you are typing and run services even after you have “disabled” them. Let’s not even get into the updates and when the system breaks because it decided to update things and it can’t even get that right.

Linux is simply better in this regard. You can run what you want and disable everything, working from the terminal only if you want to. Updates aren’t a problem if you don’t want them to be. You can run old software if you don’t feel like updating. You are given a choice, once more. 

Linux is a great choice to use as an everyday machine. Video games work on the system, it’s faster and is less bloated. There are many distributions, so that it will end up looking like you want it to. Endlessly customizable and fast, it is the operating system to use.