Some operating systems are harder to use than others but we still use them because we are creatures of habit. Breaking a habit involves investing energy into a process which we may not feel like doing at the moment. That can be problematic in the long run, as we conform and use what is bad for us.

Windows is an okay operating system but the way Microsoft is doing things, it is not looking good for the future. More and more telemetry is being sent without your consent, or rather, without you being able to disable the features unless you knew what you were doing. On top of that, it is a bulky and slow system.

A good alternative is a Linux distribution. Here is why Linux is easier to use than Windows.

It’s Faster

Linux is faster than Windows 99% of the time. Windows is full of bloatware that runs in the background, without the option for the non tech-savvy users to disable them. Even when you do disable the bloatware, the system is still worse than Linux, objectively running slower and being worse at managing multithreading, for example, machines with a large core count.

When the first Ryzen 16 core desktop CPUs were released, Windows was not ready, it was slow and it had lots of issues managing “so many” threads. On the other hand, Linux was doing just fine and there was a huge discrepancy between the two, mainly because Windows was unable, until it was patched many times, to keep up.

It’s Easy to Navigate and Use

Linux seems hard and everyone thinks, “oh no, the terminal!” but in reality, in most modern Linux distros, you will never have to touch the terminal. Linux has repositories, trusted sites from which you download trusted software, like browsers, Steam, video and music players, apps like Spotify, Discord, are all available.

This is basically like the App and Play store on iOS and Android. You browse and download what you want, safe and secure, without the possibility of ever catching a virus. Being easy to use, while also faster, is good enough for most users.

It’s Open Source

Open source in the case of Linux distributions means that it is free and open source. You can download the distros for free, use them and even view and change the source code. Well, if you knew how to code, of course. Open source software is typically safer, particularly Linux, because there are millions of eyes watching and checking the code constantly. You always know what is in there and what’s it doing, as opposed to closed off systems like Windows and macOS.

Windows should no longer be used unless you want to develop for Windows or want to play very specific games that don’t work on Linux. Linux is a much easier and better system for almost all use cases and these are some of the reasons why. Try a distro and see for yourself.