We need to find inspiration from time to time. Finding inspiration, however, is not easy when you don’t know where to look. There are thousands of websites that offer tips and tricks, but those will not cut if you’re just not feeling it. Inspiration needs to come from within, but sometimes, we just don’t have it.

Then, we look outside, to other people’s work. Web design can be tricky. Some projects might just seem impossible to do when you get stuck. This is why it’s important to always have backups ready, sites that can nudge you in the right direction. Here are the best sites to get web design ideas from.


This is probably the go-to site for finding ideas about anything visual. Pinterest is like your own personal dashboard where you would pin ideas, though much easier to organize and virtual, of course. Some designers have multiple accounts, where they pin different things, depending on the projects that they do. 

Multiple accounts are useful, because when you start pinning things, your recommendations start changing completely. It is a great place to get any visual idea, not just those for web design.


This site is basically a site where web design contests are held and where the top sites are showcased. If you want ideas about web design, this is the place to go and where to get them from. As simple as it is, you will find great design on the site itself, but also from all the galleries of other sites that are shown. 

The site shows the current trends in web design, as well as what you might expect in the future. Trend-breakers are also present, those who do not conform but still make an amazing site. 


This site is one of the go-to sites for any type of visual design. You will find all sorts of projects shown here, some for sale, of course. The projects vary from simple to complex, from digital art to websites which will take your breath away.

You can purchase things here, but also find the inspiration that you might have been lacking, such as what to put on your website, and how to arrange it. 

One Page Love

The name should tell you what to expect on this lovely site. One page love is dedicated to simple sites which have a single page and will not confuse you by giving you an entire library of pages which tells you nothing but sends you from link to link. The site also has resources for the upcoming designers, such as how to organize your page.

Brutalist Websites

Tradition is there to be eventually broken, of course. Brutalist Websites will give you the world’s most quirkiest sites, that don’t really conform in any way to traditional layouts. This is a good place to find ideas about how to make a different site. Not every site should be done according to the trends and standards. 

Best Website Gallery

The name is simple and it tells you what to excerpt, even though it looks a little pretentious. The site does have a collection of other sites, all with great design. Browse and be inspired.

These are some of the many sites that you can find inspiration from as a web designer stuck in a rump, with no light at the end of the tunnel.