Technology is advancing and we are keeping up, aren’t we? When we look at today’s services, we have all started using remote services from various companies. Keeping things installed on our systems is far too complicated and nobody wants to waste precious space on software when it can be stored on servers thousands of kilometers away.

Remote services are typically run on the cloud. Cloud services are a part of cloud software development. Following is everything you should know about cloud software development.

What is the Cloud?

Well, clouds are visible masses of liquid droplets. All jokes aside, cloud computing refers to services provided over the internet, without direct user management of the hardware and software components. Cloud computing dates back to 1966 and Compaq, when the term was first used to describe a network of computers, while the cloud logo was used first in 1977 by ARPANET. The cloud symbol became a synonym for the internet prior to the internet’s launch.

Today’s Cloud Services

Cloud computing gives users on-demand services, three different kinds. They are software, platform and infrastructure as-service, labeled as SaaS, PaaS and IaaS. 

The first one are the services we commonly use, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Docs, and similar other programs that run somewhere else while we use the client through the internet.

PaaS is used as a way to build applications. PaaS provides users with applications and libraries, software, which can be used to build other software.

Finally, IaaS are complex services like Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services. These are entire platforms which can be used for a plethora of things, but which run remotely.

Cloud Development

To understand clearer, cloud development refers to building software for the cloud and not building a cloud infrastructure. The latter is much more complex and would take years of experience and a huge team of developers.

Cloud applications are very useful and they work well, while also allowing users to work without installing the applications.

Cloud development is looking like a promising career choice if one wants to get into development and programming. Most services will be migrating to the cloud, for ease of use, at least when we are not dealing with huge files.

Why Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is the future, simply because by standardizing various applications, more developers and users will be able to work on the same things, allowing more customization and more collaboration. When the infrastructure is good and when the applications can work with one another, you get cross-platform compatibility. This is always good, because cloud software can already reach any system. Most programs work in browsers. This could be taken a step forward.

Cloud computing allows one thing, the customer to have a normal computer and enjoy a plethora of services from afar. Stadia is trying to accomplish this, but with video games. The system works but the latency is so huge that it makes no sense at this moment in time. For other, non millisecond sensitive applications, the cloud makes perfect sense. 

Cloud development refers to building applications for the cloud, which will be running on a remote server and providing customers on-demand services, platforms on infrastructures via the internet. This will play a huge part in the future of computing.