Web design is a relatively new choice of career that anyone can go for if they want. Yes, anyone. Web design seems like rocket science but to be fair, anything does when you first pick it up, from a pool cue, a musical instrument,, to a pen in your non-dominant arm.

Here is what you should know about becoming a web designer and which steps you can take.

Learning the Necessary Skills

Web design, like most things, requires you to learn a couple of things. The first thing to learn is how to use graphics software like Photoshop, GIMP, CorelDraw and similar photo editing programs. In order to work on websites, some programming must be learned. The most common web languages are HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, PHP and even Flash, even though Flash is all but dead.

Learning communication skills is very important in this job. The clients will change the design about a hundred times before they have settled for something and even then, it might not be good enough. Learn to be assertive and to smile and nod.

Learning design theory is also recommended, to actually make a site look good. Search engine optimization comes last, but they might want to hire a specialist for that part.

Build Your Own Site

Once you learn the necessary skills, start building sites, from one, and then as many as you want. The more you learn and build, the more likely you will be able to sell your knowledge. By building your site, you also get something for your portfolio, which is always important for programming and developer jobs. 

After you have a functioning site, you might want to keep working on it, to learn maintenance and updates. Sometimes, when you update plugins, the entire website breaks, which is a good way to prepare for what will eventually happen on a client’s site.

Search for Jobs and Advertise Yourself

You don’t have to work full time as a web designer in order to earn money. Commissions and one-time jobs are also good enough for starters. However, once you start working and building other people’s sites, you might want to start considering testimonials and using your own skills to advertise yourself. If you haven’t already, build a site which you will use as your own advertising platform. Use social media to advertise your services and attract more clients. 

Keep Learning

Development is an ever-changing job. Don’t stop learning because you have found three or four grateful clients that always need your services. There are millions of developers out there, so keep up to speed and stay at the top.

There we go, with these tips, anybody can become a web designer. Keep learning and it will come into place, eventually.